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Secured Finance provides access to digital assets lending with higher interest rates returns for assets like Filecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin and USDC 

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How To Start

Secured Finance Lending market is accessible to digital assets holders in 4 simple steps

  • 1

    Link your wallets

    Import your digital assets wallets, place required collateral positions and start lending/borrowing digital assets with Secured Finance counterparties

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  • 2

    Initiate lend and borrow positions

    Place your order to lend/borrow digital assets on Secured Finance platform with favorable terms and interest rates that fits your targets

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  • 3

    Confirm your loan/borrow order

    After matching your order to a counterparty from the second side of the market, lenders have to confirm the loan agreement and lend out their digital assets which are covered by the borrower's collateral. 

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  • 4

    See order book and your orders

    Here you can see more details about current market order book and your orders. 

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